2017 Regatta Start Times

Sunday 23rd July1200Sunday 30th JulyNo race
Monday 24th July1300Monday 31st July1330
Tuesday 25th July1300Tuesday 1st Aug1200
Wednesday 26th July1000Wednesday 2nd Aug1000
Thursday 27th July1200Thursday 3rd Aug1030
Friday 28th July1230Friday 4th Aug1030
Saturday 29th July1100Saturday 5th AugNo Race

The times shown are the start times of Race 1. Other races start at 5 minute intervals. Remember different start order for Race Through and Beaumaris Town (Round Puffin) - see SI 7.1.

2017 Regatta Office Opening Times in RAYC

Saturday 22nd July1500-1700
Sunday 23rd July1600-1700Sunday 30th July1600-1700
Monday 24th July1600-1700Monday 31st JulyNot Open
Tuesday 25th July1700-1800Tuesday 1st Aug1700-1800
Wednesday 26th JulyNot OpenWednesday 2nd Aug1400-1500
Thursday 27th JulyNot OpenThursday 3rd Aug1700-1800
Friday 28th JulyNot OpenFriday 4th Aug1600-1700
Saturday 29th JulyNot OpenSaturday 5th Aug0900-1000
Sunday 6th Aug1000-1100

For information outside these hours please contact Ian Bradley (Regattas Secretary) on 07840 643834