Without the continued generosity from all our sponsors it would be virtually impossible to run the Menai Strait Regattas in their current format. The following businesses have contributed to the 2022 Menai Strait Regattas:

Hogan Group are a company with half a century in the construction industry. Based in Bangor the 4 companies in the Hogan Group continually invest in their Anglesey and Bangor based infrastructure and resources. In so doing they make a significant contribution to the local economy and communities.
Visit the Hogan website to read more about their business and support to the community.

ABC Powermarine has supported the Reagttas for over half a century. The Anglesey Boat Company had an advert in the 1988 Regattas Programme!! They are still the first port of call for any boat parts and materials for small boat repairs during the Regatta fortnight. And they provide a wide range of other products and services for all our competitors.
Visit the ABC Powermarine website to see their full range of support.


RibRide has been around since 2005 and are no stranger to anyone who races in the Regattas. Even for experienced sailors they can offer a different way to see the best of the Menai Strait when you are not having to concentrate on sailing your own boat. And for the adventurous they are now also offering the new eFoils with training.
Visit the RibRide website for information about the 3 different Rib Trips they offer. And if you are ready for a new experience on an eFoil go to their Foilride website.

Ena's Newsagent has also supported the Regattas for many years and appeared in the 1996 Regattas Programme. Conveniently situated on Castle Street they are the ideal place to buy the things you need for the day.

Clogau was our main sponsor for the 2018 and 2019 Menai Strait Regattas. We thank them for their support during those years.
Visit the Clogau website to see their range of fantastic jewelery.

Thank You All!!

The Menai Strait Regattas Committee would welcome any offers of new sponsorship.
To get in touch please email: secretary@menaistraitregattas.org.uk